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EDO TeamJanuary 24, 20245 min read

Captivating Campaigns: Ranking 2023’s Biggest TV Ad Engagement Winners

For media buyers, linking attribution to TV campaigns is an ongoing challenge. Audience ratings offer a leading indicator of reach for ads aired during broadcast or cable, but those can’t speak directly to any measure of consumer engagement. Luckily, EDO’s proprietary TV outcomes database measures audience behavior in the key moments after an ad airs.

Today, we’re releasing new data on 2023’s most effective English-language TV ads, including the 35 top performers across 12 major vertical categories. This cohort saw outsized gains compared to the average TV creatives, registering anywhere from 142% up to a whopping 5,238% lift in per-person, per-second consumer engagement, as compared to the average ad in their category.

Celebrities played a major role across the board, which may be old hat – but you might be surprised at just how strong and widespread their influence has become. Let’s dive in!


Celebrities are everywhere – and it’s paying off in spades

In 2023, celebrity sponsors were busier than ever, using their name and reputation to boost products from insurance and pharmaceuticals to booze and personal grooming tools. 

And according to the data, it appears this tactic is as reliable as ever. Five of the 12 categories had #1-ranked ads that featured a celebrity, including non-luxury auto, alcohol, insurance, pharma, and wireless telecom. These top spots included familiar faces like Ryan Reynolds for Mint Mobile and Rob Gronkowski for USAA, but also newer pairings such as 

Taye Diggs’ spot for insomnia medication Quviviq and George Clooney’s appearance for Casamigos.

This is a testament to the staying – and growing – power of celebrity. As media fragmentation increases, and phones and tablets distract even couch-bound consumers, an authentic celebrity-brand pairing can help an advertiser break through and make sure its message is actually heard.


Challengers and under-the-radar brands lead CPG categories

In the world of consumer packaged goods (CPG), new and under-the-radar brands made a big impact with highly effective advertising.

In the Food & Beverage category, the protein-packed cereal Magic Spoon led the way, generating 5,238% more per-person, per-second engagement than the average category advertiser. It was followed by ads from the new, Pepsi-owned lemon-lime soda Starry (3,100% more engaging than the benchmark) and seasonal advertiser Omaha Steaks (+2,308%).

Meanwhile, the Personal Care category was led by the cosmetics brand Il Makiage, whose 15-second ad promoting a free trial was 1,978% more likely to drive consumer engagement than the category average. Il Makiage was followed by an ad featuring mixed martial artist Derrick Lewis for the male grooming brand Manscaped (+1,258%) and one for the dietary supplement Golo (+1,039%%).

EVs dominate luxury and non-luxury auto verticals

In our recent Holiday TV Outcomes Report covering the 2022 holiday season, we noted the strong engagement generated by ads for electric vehicles. This trend continued apace in 2023.

Of the top three ads in the luxury and non-luxury auto categories, a Lexus ad for the 2023 TX was the only one that didn’t promote electric capabilities. Electric vehicle brand Polestar topped the luxury auto category with an ad that set its Polestar 3 SUV against an alluring coastal background, generating 686% more engagement than the category average. 

GMC led the way in the non-luxury category with an assist from LeBron James. The four-time NBA MVP starred in an ad for the electric Hummer EV SUV that outperformed the average non-luxury auto ad by 592%.


2023 wrapped: The 36 most engaging English-language TV ads

These data highlights show the outsized impact of great TV ads. Whether it’s the creative touch, savvy media placements, or the use of a celebrity spokesperson, 2023’s top ads saw up to ten-fold improvements in ad effectiveness compared to the average TV campaign – an advantage that no media planner can ignore (and EDO can help you navigate). 

Check out the full list below of top performing TV ads, and stay on top of 2024 trends by getting our “Know What Works” newsletter delivered to your inbox.

Automotive (Luxury)

  1. Polestar, Added Structures :30, +686%
  2. BMW, The Ultimate Standard: i-Series (QR Code) :30, +127%
  3. Lexus, 2023 TX - Roads Best Traveled :30, +117%


Automotive (Non-Luxury)

  1. GMC, Hummer EV - Try Something Different ft. LeBron James :30, +592%
  2. Kia, ​​EV9 - Space :15, +290%
  3. Ford, F-150 Lightning - Don't See That Every Day :30, +287%


Banking & Finance

  1. Credit Karma, Psychic :15, +657%
  2. NetCredit, Seated Woman :15, +533%
  3. Intuit, Morgan :15, +511%


CPG Food & Beverage 

  1. Magic Spoon, Not Too Old for Cereal :15s, +5238%
  2. Starry, Try This ft. Keke Palmer, +3100%
  3. Omaha Steaks, Semi-Annual Sale :30, +2308%


CPG Personal Care

  1. Il Makiage, Covers Everything - Free 14-Day Trial :15, +1978%
  2. Manscaped, Hot ft. Derrick Lewis :30, +1258%
  3. Golo, Enough With :30, +1,039%



  1. Casamigos, Our Casa Is Your Casa :15, +1089%
  2. Jagermeister, Moments of Anticipation :15s, +526%
  3. Bud Light, Hold ft. Miles Teller and Keleigh Teller :15, +367%



  1. USAA, Serve ft. Rob Gronkowski :15, +588%
  2. GEICO, Opinionated Neighbor ft. Ken Griffey Jr. :30, +221%
  3. State Farm, What If: New Career ft Boban Marjanović :30, +193%


Movies (Theatrical)

  1. Barbie :15s (Warner Bros. Pictures), +209%
  2. The Color Purple (Warner Bros.), +204%
  3. Chevalier (Searchlight), +201%


Pharma (RX)

  1. Quviviq, You Wouldn't Believe ft. Taye Diggs :90, +920%
  2. Nurtec ODT, All in One - Lady Gaga :15, +868%
  3. Kesimpta, My Time (Featuring Jamie-Lynn Sigler) :60, +560%


Restaurants (QSR)

  1. Panda Express, However You Panda :30, +399%
  2. Long John Silver’s, Sail Past the Line - Variety Platters :15, +398%
  3. KFC, Double Down is Back :15, +376%



  1. Fabletics, The Only Pant for Men :30,+846%
  2. SKIMS, Comfortable Bras ft. Kim Kardashian :30, +822%
  3. Oofos, I Wear Oofos ft. Ashley Caldwell :30, +804%


Wireless Telecom

  1. Mint Mobile, Record Deflation featuring Ryan Reynolds :30, +809%
  2. T-Mobile Wireless, Deep Thoughts Ft. Lili Reinhart :15, +145%
  3. Consumer Cellular HQ Tour :120, +142%