Power your CTV buys with signals that matter most

Get more bang for your programmatic buck with proven, predictive outcomes metrics. Enhance the bid process on your platform of choice with greater insight into which segments are more likely to drive engagement based on EDO’s syndicated data benchmarks. EDO outcomes measurement is directly interoperable with all major demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), and other third-party data providers for pixel-based measurement.

Optimize your buys with outcomes data

Thanks to the rise of programmatic platforms,  today’s CTV ecosystem is an addressable powerhouse. EDO has built unique partnerships to make first and third party data interoperability for measurement, creating a foundation to fuel more impactful and accurate activation and post-campaign measurement across your streaming TV ad buys. 

Activate your data

Why programmatic buys need outcomes data

Using our syndicated Convergent TV ad measurement, you can get predictive insights about ad engagement on day one, no first-party data required. See which segments are engaging the best across each channel, network, or program based on competitive and historical ad performance. You can also easily onboard and match ad occurrence and audience metadata to measure the performance of your refined performance of individual campaigns.


Real-time optimization

Fine-tune placements based on in-flight campaign performance, delivered within days of airing.


Understand your audiences

Take the guesswork out of your buys by knowing which are your most engaged audiences that lead to business outcomes.  


Category benchmarks

Gain transparency into cross-screen campaign performance relative to competitive and historical benchmarks.

Optimize with outcomes measurement

With the industry’s most robust database of local, national, and streaming TV ad performance, you can slice and dice the data any way you need. Answer key marketing questions in days, not months.

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

Know What Works. Always.

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