A 360-degree view of your linear and streaming ad investments

With rising CPMs and growing supply-side fragmentation, brands and agencies face an uphill battle in managing their media plans. Let EDO do the work for you. With our comprehensive media products, you get custom reports that help validate delivery, prove the value of your investments, and identify white space opportunities.

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Keep an eagle eye on every TV ad in your category

EDO combines the industry’s most accurate Convergent TV ad database with TV outcomes data across linear and streaming content. Rank your performance across different media environments to get the insights you need to inform upfront and scatter ad buys throughout the year.



Gain deep and immediate insight into every TV ad across any environment with automated alerts and next-day insights. Our Media Analytics team will help you create recurring reports on daily airings, integrations, content violations, and more.



Find your most engaged audiences with always-on analysis of TV ad performance across networks, dayparts, and programs. EDO expands your market edge with granular insights into competitors’ media investments by network, program, and daypart. 

The most accurate, always-on TV monitoring

Rest easy knowing that EDO can identify network errors or contract violations in real time, so you can apply make-goods before a campaign has ended. Our automatic content recognition (ACR) identifies even the subtlest differences in creative and broadcaster stylings, achieving 99%+ content accuracy in independent audits against competing ad measurement providers.

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Wake up to fresh data

Receive in-campaign reports in your inbox on daily TV airings, new creative launches, program rankings, and even in-show integrations. EDO’s TV outcomes data reveals which brand and category placements are driving the highest engagement, so you can optimize everything from pre-planning to in-flight and post-campaign learnings.

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Your 360-view of competitive ad intel

Instantly compare your media plan against competitors', using the industry’s most accurate database of live and historical airings. See performance by network, program, daypart, day of week, time of year, pod position, and more. Evaluate which TV strategies have been the most effective and where you should double down.

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We’re able to leverage EDO data to plan, optimize, measure, and ultimately guarantee higher engagement for our clients. In a world of massive media fragmentation and endless consumer choice, leveraging proven next-generation TV metrics and behavioral currencies will be critical to investing in higher quality TV plans and placements.

Erin Hourihan, VP of Video Investments

Optimize with outcomes measurement

With the industry’s most robust database of local, national, and streaming TV ad performance, you can slice and dice the data any way you need. Answer key marketing questions in days, not months.

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

Know What Works. Always.

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