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EDO TeamJanuary 24, 20244 min read

2023’s Best Spanish-Language Ads: Good Creative is a Universal Language

For brands hoping to connect with a growing audience, the odds are in your favor for investing in Spanish-language television (SLTV) network ads. As SLTV network viewership continues to rise, brands advertising on SLTV networks are enjoying a boost in impressions and engagement. 

The data shows it’s true for categories across the board. If you want to win over SLTV network  consumers, you need the same thing that attracts any engaged audience — high-quality creative. 

To see which creative concepts struck the biggest chord in 2023, we measured the consumer engagement driven by SLTV network ads across a number of key industries. When SLTV network audiences see ads that resonate, they’re very likely to take action in the form of brand searches, website visits, and other consumer behaviors that are predictive of downstream business outcomes.

Read ahead to learn more about the most effective creative on SLTV networks in 2023, including which brands drove potential customers to engage at astronomical levels.  

As SLTV Network Audiences Grow, Brand Creative is Getting More Effective

SLTV networks have been the place for brands to be for the last few years. According to a 2023 survey, three out of four Hispanic TV viewers in the U.S. enjoy at least some SLTV content. Advertisers have been paying attention, and evidence shows they’re getting better at understanding which campaigns drive results with SLTV networks.

The total number of brands advertising on SLTV networks grew by 13% between 2020 and 2022. 2023 followed with an even more prosperous year for brands on SLTV networks, with a 29% increase in overall ad effectiveness since 2022. 

One brand that knows how to speak to SLTV network audiences is Walmart, who earned the top spot in the retail category for “Being that Grandma.” The ad features snapshots of family joy, juxtaposed with the many benefits of a Walmart+ membership. Our real-time predictive outcomes data shows that Walmart generated 419% more engagement than the average Spanish-language retail ad in 2023.


Good Creative is a Universal Language

Walmart’s SLTV success illustrates another important point. If your message has universal appeal, your ad has a place on SLTV networks. Like many of the ads making the biggest impact, “Being that Grandma” was originally created in English and adapted for a Spanish-speaking audience. 

Insurance brand Geico’s Spanish-language version of “Say When” offers another valuable example. The third most effective creative in the Insurance category, showing a restaurant patron going comically overboard with the free parmesan, earned 67% more engagement than the average Spanish-language ad run by Insurance brands in 2023.


Some brands didn’t even need to translate their creative to see the benefits. Bailey’s landed the top spot in the alcohol category for “Caroling” featuring Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham. The only dialogue spoken in the holiday ad— or more accurately sung — is the brand name. This SLTV network placement earned Bailey’s 340% more engagement than the average Spanish-language Alcohol ad. Strong, concise creative messaging is something that all audiences understand. 


EDO’s Can Help You Find Your Audience in Any Language

If you’re not advertising on SLTV networks, you’re missing out on a surefire investment. The top creative of 2023 reveals that SLTV network audiences are some of the most engaged you can reach. 

To see which brands made the cut for top creative aired on SLTV networks, read the full results of our findings below. And if you want the best engagement insights available, EDO has you covered. Subscribe to our newsletter and start making better, data-informed decisions on your brand’s creative, network placements, and more. 


Top 2023 Creative for SLTV by Category

*ad was created/amended for a Spanish-language audience

Automotive (Luxury)

  1. *Audi, 2024 Q8 e-tron - No Solo :30, +69%
  2. *Mercedes-Benz, 2023 GLC - Completamente Reimaginado :30, +42%
  3. *Lexus, 2023 Golden Opportunity SE :30, +33%


Automotive (Non-Luxury)

  1. Honda, Accord and CR-V - Hybrid x2 :30, 93%
  2. Chevrolet, Silverado - Where Will They Take You :30, +91%
  3. *Toyota, 2023 Marzo en Marcha - Flower :30, +56%


Banking & Finance

  1. Credit Karma, Karma Guarantee - Barber Shop :15, +764%
  2. Intuit, Card Fairy :15, 341%
  3. *Experian, Matched for You :30, 224%


CPG Food & Beverage

  1. Dr. Pepper, The One You Deserve :30, +956%
  2. SPAM, Don’t Knock It :15, +951%
  3. *Haagen-Dazs, Esto Es Lujo - Butter Cookie Cone :15, +804%


CPG Personal Care

  1. Nutrafol, Men - Hair Health :15, +1646%
  2. GOLO, Testimonials :30, +1511%, 
  3. Bosley Hair Restoration, Hair Loss :60, +600%



  1. Bailey’s, Caroling ft. Hannah Waddingham :15, 340%
  2. *Dos Equis, Breakup :15, +277%
  3. *Bud Light, The Bud Light Carry :15, +228%



  1. *Allstate, Parking Garage (Slow Music) :30, +83%
  2. *State Farm, Going Out :15, +71%
  3. *GEICO, Say When - Parmesan :30, +67%


Movies (Theatrical)

  1. *Barbie (Warner Bros. Pictures) :15, +157%
  2. Oppenheimer (Universal Pictures) :30, +119%
  3. *The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (Lionsgate Films) :30, +81%


Pharma (RX)

  1. *Shingrix, A La Culebrilla No Le Importa :60, +156%
  2. *Mounjaro, What If? :75, +99%
  3. *Stelara, Stelara From the Start :45, +16%


Restaurants (QSR)

  1. *Taco Bell, Crew - Grilled Chicken Burritos :15, +136%
  2. *Pizza Hut, 75 Cent Boneless Wings :15, +124%
  3. *McDonalds, One in Eight :15, +119%



  1. *Walmart, Members Save On - Being that Grandma :15, +419%
  2. *Skechers, Easier Way - Airport :15, +170%
  3. Lowe’s, 2023 Father's Day - Deals Galore, :15, +95%


Wireless Telecom

  1. T-Mobile, Ski Shop feat. Zoe Saldana (4 iPhone 15s) :15, +235%
  2. AT&T, Inheritance (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Offer) :30, +202%
  3. Metro by T-Mobile, Quinceañera (Free 5G Phone) :15, +121%