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EDO offers the industry’s only syndicated TV Ad Database, providing insights into brand-level advertising activity across all major ad-supported streamers. With the Ad EnGage dashboard, you get instant access to all ad airings in your category and their corresponding ad-driven engagement. 

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We watch everything, everywhere, all the time

EDO continuously monitors over 120 linear and streaming TV networks. We log every ad with extensive metadata such as schedules, impressions, spend estimates, brands, products, and much more. And we’ve been doing this for nearly a decade, amassing a library of over 300 million U.S. national TV ads with unparalleled insight into cross-screen ad performance.


102+ trillion
TV impressions


300+ million
TV airings


2.1+ million
ad creatives





Convergent TV’s most accurate ad catalog

While most TV measurement solutions may struggle to detect subtle creative or broadcaster stylings, EDO uses proprietary automated and human content review to ensure 99.9% detection accuracy. Our Alakazam automated content recognition (ACR) technology performs over 500,000 monthly search queries, with advanced audio and video fingerprinting to recognize minor differences. Veteran ad reviewers then step in for well-scoped, randomized reviews to maintain quality control and validate edge cases.

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Built for a streaming-first world

Gain a holistic view of cross-screen TV performance with the industry’s only comprehensive streaming ad database. Our AVOD panel includes a large pool of diverse user profiles and automated sampling of top programs, updated daily. Get insights into category and brand-level advertising to adjust budgets across linear, streaming publishers, and DSPs. EDO’s granular database empowers clients with actionable recommendations using cross-screen exposure data, competitive benchmarks, creative-level optimization, and audience data.

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Immediate syndicated TV insights

With EDO, brands and publishers hit the ground running with a decade of historical and competitive TV ad data, already organized into our proprietary taxonomy. Study your own campaigns against industry and competitive benchmarks, without the need to onboard any first-party data. Evaluate trends across linear and streaming TV performance, including ad exposure, frequency, engagement, and more.

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Optimize with outcomes measurement

With the industry’s most robust database of local, national, and streaming TV ad performance, you can slice and dice the data any way you need. Answer key marketing questions in days, not months.

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

Know What Works. Always.

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