When your TV ad is on the line, you need to know what works

With fragmented viewership on the rise, traditional TV planning metrics are no longer enough to guide your high-stakes media buys.
EDO’s Ad EnGage platform has you covered. As the industry’s only source of syndicated TV outcomes data, we match every ad airing – across all major networks and streamers – with relevant online engagement data. The result? A proven predictor of future sales to help maximize your investment. 





Plan for your goal: outcomes

Today’s modern marketers have more data options than ever, but much of it is unreliable: slow, inaccurate, or siloed away in closed platforms. Top-of-funnel metrics like reach fail to capture true consumer intent and consideration. Business outcomes like sales take months to measure and are susceptible to external factors. EDO’s predictive analytics offer complete and reliable outcomes measurement to help you answer key marketing questions in days, not months.

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EDO’s outcome-based measurement provides an alternative signal of ad performance that’s both simple and immediate

Michael Piner, EVP of Advanced Advertising

An immediate, predictive signal for business performance

Brands and networks trust EDO to measure mid-funnel outcomes that act as a leading indicator for market share and profit margins. At EDO, we analyze every linear and streaming TV ad to determine its impact on consumer engagement – that magic moment where awareness becomes intent. Cross-industry studies show a nearly 1:1 correlation between share of online brand activity and market share. Higher engagement leads to greater business results.


Refine in-flight campaigns with live insights

Instead of waiting on unreliable multi-touch attribution reports, use EDO’s real-time engagement signals to verify delivery of planned buys, manage optimal frequency levels, and identify areas of audience overlap or expansion. Measure online engagement in the moments after an ad airs, so you can learn which programs, platforms, dayparts, and creatives are driving actual results. We see brands achieve 15%+ increases in on-air creative efficacy within two weeks.

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Benchmark how your ads stack up against competitors

Most TV analytics platforms have a short or spotty memory. EDO provides full transparency into what competitors and metrics are going into your benchmarks. Syndicated data offers access to every past and future campaign of every brand within your industry. See not only what competitors bought, but how they performed.

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Optimize with outcomes measurement

With the industry’s most robust database of local, national, and streaming TV ad performance, you can slice and dice the data any way you need. Answer key marketing questions in days, not months.
EDO helps us optimize our TV campaigns to increase consumer engagement across the audience spectrum, delivering a deeper understanding of what drives awareness and action, including our explosive search growth during the Super Bowl hosted at SoFi Stadium. EDO plays an integral role in how we can make business decisions based on meaningful and timely data.

Lauren Stafford Webb, Chief Marketing Officer

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

14,000+ brands and products

Know What Works. Always.

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