One complete cross-screen view of streaming and linear ads

Measuring Convergent TV advertising performance is harder than ever, with new streaming players popping up each month. Move beyond fragmented solutions and consolidate your linear and streaming reporting into one accurate view of cross-screen ad performance. EDO's syndicated TV outcomes database includes ad effectiveness data across 120+ networks and platforms, empowering you to see everything in one place and holistically optimize your TV media plan. 


Prove your performance with ad-driven outcomes

EDO’s predictive analytics, developed from over 200 million ads, matches each TV spot with its ad-driven online engagement — a proven indicator of future sales. Unlike passive metrics like attention or viewability, online engagement metrics capture true value through consumer intent and consideration. EDO clients make smarter investments by knowing the fair price to pay for each media channel, publisher, program, and audience. 

Know your competitors’ better than they do

EDO’s always-on, syndicated data tracks every ad – not only its delivery, but its performance. Ad sellers and buyers gain a competitive edge with a cross-platform view of ad effectiveness in their industry. Benchmark your engagement rates against category, linear, and streaming averages and find overlooked opportunities where your competitors are reaching highly-engaged audiences.

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Unlock audience insights, with zero privacy risks

Long before the death of cookies, traditional multi-touch attribution was already facing tech and privacy headwinds. EDO's syndicated outcomes data was built to be privacy-compliant and future-proof, leveraging proprietary occurrence and outcomes data to provide the performance insights that brands need. EDO helps you create custom, granular audiences across platforms by integrating your first-party data with EDO’s outcomes.


Combine the scale of
census-level engagement data
with household-level insights 


Granular and flexible
demographic segments
across platforms


outcomes measurement

Through our expanded relationship with EDO, we are bringing insights to brands based on the largest and most leaned-in audiences in live sports and events to show the impact of an ad exposure in streaming on cross-screen digital behavior like search and site visits.

Danielle Brown, SVP, Data Enablement and Category Strategy, Disney

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