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EDO TeamJanuary 5, 2024< 1 min read

Privacy, Signal Loss, and the Future of TV Measurement

With international legislators and leading technology companies restricting the use of personally identifiable information (PII) in advertising, the marketing industry is faced with a new set of challenges when it comes to measuring which consumers are seeing the ads they buy.

Recently, EDO’s CEO Kevin Krim sat down with Beet.TV to discuss how these challenges are playing out in the world of Convergent TV. Since many Convergent TV viewers watch content on apps that they’ve signed into, the challenge of determining identity is less severe than it is on the open web. Still, identity resolution — that is, determining which screens all belong to a single household — remains an issue that our ecosystem has a major investment in getting right.

In this interview, Kevin dives into the importance of identity resolution, the future of addressable TV, and how EDO’s aggregated matching solution helps advertisers, networks, and streamers confidently assess a household’s likeliest consumer attributes.