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October 25, 2022 2 min read

The Power of Spanish-Language TV for Brand Advertisers

Year-to-date national revenue for Spanish-language TV (SLTV) networks are up 9% to $1.5 billion, the second-straight year of 9% growth.

SLTV viewers’ seismic growth and TV viewing habits are too strong for advertisers to ignore. This fast-growing audience is surging in the United States, and advertisers should consider heightened investment in SLTV spots, especially as we enter the holiday season. 

Additionally, according to a recent insights report from the VAB, Hispanics will account for 20% of the total US population by 2023. Looking toward the end of the year, Hispanic consumers are planning to spend one-third more than the average adult on holiday shopping, making them a prime group to target as brands begin to ramp Black Friday and holiday advertising.

Why SLTV offers an engaging TV environment 

The Spanish-language audience is passionate about their culture, food, families, and traditions, and they also carry that passion into their TV viewing habits. Whether it’s gathering around a fútbol game with the family or the latest episode of a telenovela with friends, this audience is engaged and dedicated to the shows they know and love.

A recent analysis by EDO found that viewers of Spanish-language TV were 23% more likely to engage with ads than those on English-language TV. In all but two major categories analyzed, Spanish language ads outperformed the English-language TV (ELTV) benchmark.

The more engaged the audience is in what they’re watching, the more likely they will stay engaged when the ads air — which is great news for advertisers.

Top-performing categories on SLTV

EDO data highlights that automotive, pharmaceutical, and travel ads are the top performers for Spanish language TV ads.

  • Automotive ads on SLTV perform, on average, 35% stronger than automotive ads on ELTV.
  • Mercedes-Benz saw stronger consumer engagement following the airing of its Spanish-language creatives on SLTV than its English-language creatives that aired on SLTV.
  • Pharmaceutical (RX) ads on SLTV perform, on average, 69% stronger than pharma (RX) ads on ELTV.
  • Travel ads on SLTV perform, on average, 31% stronger than Travel ads on ELTV. 

Why should your brand invest in Spanish Language TV?

The Spanish-Language TV audience is one that transcends more than just Spanish advertising. Even English language ads see very strong performance among Spanish-language TV viewers. 

For example, in 2022, Spanish-language TV viewers exposed to English-language ads were 9% more likely to search for the brands being advertised than English-language TV viewers.

With this kind of high engagement, it’s easy to see why the Spanish language audience is the next frontier of advertising.

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