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EDO TeamFebruary 13, 20241 min read

EDO on CNBC: Kevin Krim Breaks Down Super Bowl LVIII Ads on Squawk Box

EDO CEO Kevin Krim dropped back in to CNBC’s Squawk Box this past Monday morning to talk about the Super Bowl's most effective advertising. The big topics of conversation? Temu, Poppi, and the Super Bowl halftime show.

You can watch the video here, or check out a quick summary of what we learned from the Big Game below.


  • Super Bowl halftime sponsors get their money’s worth. Squawk Box host Andrew Ross Sorkin asked an astute question: Why did Apple spend $50 million for a small sponsorship placement during Usher’s Super Bowl halftime performance? Kevin explained in EDO’s past analyses, these halftime sponsorships typically pay off for brands in terms of how much consumer engagement they drive.

  • Just because critics don’t like an ad doesn’t mean it won’t perform: While many viewers found online retailer Temu’s six Super Bowl ads confusing, the ad was one of the strongest performers at this year’s game. As Kevin explained to the Squawk Box team, “Advertising can be effective even if we’re not there reviewing it at home as one of our favorite ads.”

  • The Super Bowl is a great place to promote a new or breakthrough product: Poppi is a healthy soda brand founded by a husband-and-wife team in Austin, Texas. They made a big bet on the Super Bowl, and the spot was one of the most effective ads of the game, driving awareness and engagement before an audience of over 120 million people.