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EDO Team December 13, 2023 1 min read

EDO Enhances Convergent TV Analytics with Experian Audience Insights

New privacy-safe integration increases granularity of EDO IdentitySpine™, boosting client ad performance with precision-targeted media strategies 

EDO, the TV outcomes company, and Experian, the world’s leading global information services company, will enrich EDO’s Connected TV (CTV) outcomes data with demographic attributes from Experian for more granular measurement across major leading TV platforms and manufacturers. The collaboration will enhance EDO’s IdentitySpine™ solution, which offers identity matching and resolution capabilities, with attributes such as age, gender, and household income in a privacy-centric way.

EDO’s IdentitySpine™ improves interoperability with data partners and enables deeper consumer behavioral insights for advertisers and leading CTV players. This latest data enhancement with Experian drives significant match rate and match accuracy improvements with clients’ first-party data. As a result, EDO’s clients — brands, agencies, networks, and Hollywood studios — can optimize ad performance through a better understanding of which media and creative investments drive strong engagement with relevant audiences.

"EDO continues to invest in critical data collaborations that will unlock new levels of measurement and insight for our clients to effectively engage CTV audiences,” said Joshua Lee, CTO and Head of Product, EDO. “Our collaboration with Experian is the latest step in empowering brands, agencies, and media owners to effectively engage audiences through their CTV campaigns.”

"By integrating demographic attributes from Experian with EDO's Connected TV insights, we aim to provide a more comprehensive approach to measurement for TV advertisers. This integration offers EDO clients richer consumer insights, enabling more precision in their approach to their advertising strategies," said Ali Mack, Head of Television and Agency Partnerships, Experian. "Our collaboration with EDO underscores our mutual goal to refine and enhance how data serves television advertisers."

The announcement follows EDO’s data partnership announcements with Nielsen and Similarweb as part of its goal to drive immediate, actionable insights for Convergent TV advertisers. Working with all major networks and CTV players, EDO has also announced new or expanded partnerships with Disney, Netflix, Hallmark, and BET in the last year.