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May 9, 2022 1 min read

EDO Helps Golf Brand Increase Ad Engagement by 60% (Case Study)

EDO can help advertisers stand out in a crowded advertising landscape and successfully engage consumers with their TV campaigns. That’s why a leading golf equipment manufacturing brand and its agency came to us with a goal of completely redesigning their TV media plan to drive higher levels of consumer engagement and sales.

Golf industry TV ad stats

With the rise in volume and diversity, golf advertisers need a stronger ability to engage with TV viewers and a validation of their marketing budget. Since January 2021, the number of golf advertisers on national linear TV has increased by 47%, estimated spend has increased by 101%, airings have increased 39%, and impressions by 135%.

With the vast rise across ad matrics in the golf category over the last year plus, EDO stepped in to help the golf advertiser and its agency optimize their media plan for greater results.

How did EDO help?

EDO’s search engagement data indicated the agency team should shift their investment away from studio shows and toward live golf programming. Though it required more investment for less airings, EDO data justified the price premium for live golf programming as the ads during live sports programming drove considerably more branded search than during studio based programming.

Read the full case study here to find out:

  1. The challenges the agency and golf brand faced as they revamped an outdated media plan
  2. What data and insights EDO delivered to help the brand and agency identify the ad spots that were not performing well enough
  3. The specific results of the new media plan, including the increase in impressions and consumer engagement

Check out EDO’s insights page for more case studies and other data insights reports that will help you know what works for your TV ad campaigns.