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EDO TeamMarch 13, 2024< 1 min read

Who Won the Week? 3/12/24: The 2024 Oscars Edition: Challengers, Dunkin’, Don Julio, and More

Lights, camera, outcomes! It’s the Oscars episode of Who Won the Week, with a complete breakdown of the brands that moved the needle during the 96th Academy Awards.

This week, EDO Media Analyst Matt Ulrich and EDO VP of Brand Partnerships Rebecca Sandidge highlight the big brand winners on a night that was dominated by entertainment advertisers and luxury brands.

Hear what our two experts had to say about Don Julio’s successful brand integration, Rolex’s powerful ad performance, and a high-engagement trailer for the upcoming film Challengers. Plus, we take a look at two mass-market brands that generated strong ad engagement during an evening of luxury: Dunkin’ and Southwest Airlines. For the top 15 ads of the night, check out our ranker.

All that and more on this week’s Who Won the Week!

Time Stamps:

0:14 - Oscars nets 19.5 million viewers, up 4% from the year before.

1:12 - Entertainment and luxury brands feature in top 5 most effective Oscars advertisers

1:50 - Don Julio nails one-two punch of a branded integration and an effective ad