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May 23, 20233 min read

What Americans Are Drinking This Memorial Day Weekend, as Told by TV Advertising

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Time to break out the all-white outfits, fire up the grill, and for those of us who are of age – enjoy an adult beverage or two. 

Whether you’re cracking open a cold one or crafting a new cocktail, many Americans are likely to celebrate the long weekend with a drink in hand. As we quickly approach the Memorial Day holiday, EDO reviewed which brands in the beer, ale, cider & hard seltzer category, and separately, the liquor category, are seeing the most buzz from TV advertising this year.

Results are based on the category advertisers that were most likely to drive consumer engagement through April 30 this year, as compared to their individual category averages.

The most interesting beer (creatives) in the world

EDO captured 27 advertisers in the beer, ale, cider, & hard seltzer category. Our data shows a 62% increase in the number of category airings from 37k to 60k, resulting in more than double the impressions (12 billion to 25 billion) and total online engagements (6k to 15k) compared to the same time period last year.


Dos Equis won the category as its TV ads outperformed the average beer, cider, & hard seltzer brand’s ad by 166% through April 30 this year. The brand is running a series of ads under its tagline Get a Dos, which launched in 2021 after Dos Equis retired the highly popular and meme-able “most interesting man in the world” campaign.

The brand had 345 million impressions across 1k airings, improving five ranks from the same time last year. Closely following in terms of ad effectiveness were Budweiser and Twisted Tea, which outperformed the average brand in the category by 150% and 149%, respectively. 


Would you like some coffee with your Bailey’s?

EDO captured 34 advertisers in the liquor category through April this year, with a modest increase in airings from 37k to 40k over last year. Impressions were stable, with about 12 billion impressions per year since 2021 – yet spirits advertisers generated a 40% increase in total online engagements (6k to 10k), signaling increased consumer interest.


Bailey’s TV ads outperformed the average liquor brand’s ads by 174% through April 30, 2023, moving up one rank from this time last year. Its top-performing ad during this time features an Instagram-worthy, millennial-filled cafe where the barista is brewing up coffee-based Bailey’s drinks alongside some sweet treats. 

Hennessy followed at number 2, outperforming the average category brand by 84% in terms of ad effectiveness.


Unlock consumer behavioral insights for your brand

EDO has captured occurrence and outcomes data for every single national TV ad airing since 2015. 

With growing fragmentation across the TV landscape, viewers are choosing when, where and on what screen they consume premium video content. As audience and cost pressures build, campaign planning requires a data-driven, outcome-based approach that achieves broad awareness goals while also driving brand engagement

With EDO data, you can validate and optimize your TV investment strategy with an analysis of your brand and your competitors’ performance that delivers insights into finding engaged audiences for an appropriate value.

So, drink responsibly this Memorial Day, and when you’re back in the (for some of you, proverbial) office next Tuesday – give us a shout to see how well your brand’s TV ads have been performing.

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