May 16, 20232 min read

Netflix Partners With EDO to Deliver Outcomes Measurement for Advertisers

During its first-ever presentation at the TV Upfronts, Netflix announced a partnership with EDO to measure TV outcomes for the streamer’s newly launched advertising business.

Netflix will leverage EDO’s predictive behavioral outcomes data to provide proof-of-performance insights for advertisers, indicating how brands’ in-flight campaigns perform on the platform compared to YouTube, OTT, and linear TV. In an industry-first, EDO and Netflix will deploy third-party measurement leveraging a privacy-safe micro-cohort model.

Netflix’s investment in innovation continues

Peter Naylor, Netflix VP of Global Ad Sales, revealed today that data from EDO shows impressive consumer engagement across Netflix’s premium content portfolio. “While it’s early days, we found that viewers were more than 4 times as likely to respond to an ad on Netflix compared to other streaming platforms. And not surprisingly, four-and-a-half times as compared to linear TV.” Naylor said, citing EDO data during the livestreamed event.
Our goal is to understand how engaged reach affects how viewers respond to ads.”

Separately, Kevin Krim, President & CEO at EDO, offered insight into why Netflix is a highly engaging way to reach streaming viewers. 

“Netflix has built a team of top-notch industry talent leading their ad business, so it’s not surprising that  they have an incredibly strong understanding of how behavioral outcomes data can help drive advertisers’ market share, and drive them further down the funnel of consumer interest and intent,” said Krim. “This data-driven partnership will enable Netflix to demonstrate its ability to drive engagement, and advertisers to optimize in-flight campaigns to reach target audiences effectively.”

Outcomes are inevitable in a streaming-first world

As publishers touted ad-supported streaming innovations during this year’s Upfronts, several noted the fragmented premium video landscape, signaling the importance of a privacy-safe, immediate measure of ad effectiveness for streamers. The Netflix-EDO partnership highlights the inevitability of outcomes as the premiere ad measurement tool for brands, agencies, and networks as streaming growth explodes. 

Naylor continued, “Going forward, we are excited to expand our partnership with EDO – allowing [advertisers] to see these types of results for individual campaigns.”
The deal marks EDO’s latest Convergent TV measurement partnership. EDO previously announced an expanded partnership with Disney to measure its streaming footprint; and partnered with Similarweb to expand EDO’s consumer engagement dataset for OTT, increasing the number of surveyed household panels from the hundreds of thousands to the millions.


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