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EDO Team December 19, 2023 3 min read

Fubo, and Experian, and VAB — Oh, My! Recapping EDO’s Big Month

There’s no rest for the weary in the fast-paced world of TV. With live streaming ascendant and tentpole holiday programming on deck, brands and agencies are looking to get more strategic and efficient with their TV ad investment. Meanwhile, publishers are trying to better analyze and prove campaign results for their engaged, but often fragmented, audiences. 

For nearly a decade, EDO has invested in building a TV outcomes platform to match this era of disruption. This December, we’re thrilled to unveil a flurry of announcements with some of the industry’s biggest players, all helping media leaders to address key challenges around TV measurement and audience behavior insights. 

Live TV streamer Fubo brings on granular CTV outcomes data

Sports-first live TV streaming platform Fubo has made a habit of pushing the industry forward. It was the first vMVPD to launch 4K streaming, then MultiView. Today, it’s seeing record growth from live sports and entertainment, reaching nearly 1.5 million paid subscribers in North America. As its business grows, the team needed a measurement partner to deliver granular outcomes data for Connected TV (CTV) and help build a rock-solid business case for advertisers. 

Beginning this week, Fubo’s proprietary data and technology platform will incorporate EDO’s outcomes data to power rich, always-on CTV engagement analytics across all campaigns. This game-changing view enables brands and agency partners to validate the streamer’s superior ad performance. Initial data from the partnership already shows that consumers are 16% more likely to engage with ads seen on Fubo compared to those during the average linear and OTT streaming programming.

“One of the strengths of CTV is its data-driven nature and the ability to measure ad campaigns more deliberately and accurately than on traditional linear TV,” said Dina Roman, SVP, global ad sales, Fubo. “Brands and agencies today are seeking clear insights into the outcomes of their advertising campaigns, and that is why we are tapping measurement partners like EDO to reinforce the value of Fubo’s premium content and audience.

EDO enhances CTV database with Experian household insights

At EDO, we’re always looking for data partners who can unlock new levels of measurement. Few companies offer a more robust or trusted dataset than Experian, the global leader in household and consumer finance data, which collects and aggregates information on over 1 billion people and businesses. 

Through a groundbreaking new partnership, EDO’s TV outcomes platform now integrates Experian’s data matching and audience insights, powering a more holistic view of engagement across major TV platforms and manufacturers.

This data enhancement provides finer audience attributes such as age, gender, income, ethnicity, and other key factors, in a privacy-safe way. Moving forward, advertisers and CTV publishers can optimize their campaigns and media plans by answering questions that reveal deep behavioral insights: 

  • Which age-gender group performs the best for a brand or its category?
  • Which creative most effectively engaged different households?
  • How does the engagement of households with children differ across various publishers?

And that’s just scratching the surface of what our clients will be able to achieve through this new partnership.

It’s official: EDO is live on VAB’s measurement directory

Even for industry veterans, the TV landscape can be a complex maze to navigate. To help simplify this journey, the VAB has developed popular resources like its “What’s the deal with…?” explainer series.

And now, it’s unveiled a brand new Advanced Measurement Solutions Directory. This resource includes a streamlined list of trusted partners and vendors in areas like Data Collection, Identity, and Outcomes — and EDO is honored to be one of 14 inaugural partners. 

In the full report, media leaders can quickly learn about each company’s offerings, attribution models, and supported video platforms. EDO’s listing also features a short case study of one TV network’s winning analysis. Faced with a lack of usable personally identifiable information (PII), the client tapped EDO to prove that its streaming media drives 23% higher engagement than the Linear and Streaming average.

We’re gearing up for a big 2024 — and we can’t wait to share what we’ve got cooking

As media leaders brace for greater convergence in 2024, these new partnerships provide ever greater clarity — helping networks and streamers realize the full value of their highly engaged audiences, and giving advertisers the nuanced insights they need to run campaigns that drive real impact. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from EDO and our partners in the coming year, and as always, subscribe to our “Know What Works” newsletter to get the latest TV outcomes news straight to your inbox.