EDO TeamAugust 28, 2023< 1 min read

How Innovative Measurement Approaches Help Marketers Gauge Creative Effectiveness

In an ever-evolving media landscape, marketers face the challenge of reaching audiences through both traditional and digital channels. With the rise of new marketing methods, the question arises: How can we determine which of these tools are actually driving business results?

To shed light on this issue, Bain partner Cesar Brea engaged in a conversation with John Cripps, Ph.D., SVP Decision Science at EDO, and a trusted advisor at Bain. They explored the solutions and tools employed by leading marketers to measure the creative efficacy of their ad campaigns, including how EDO uses engagement to help marketers better understand their advertising performance.

By leveraging decision science with real-time signals, brands can optimize creative rotations within existing ad buys, and understand when to retire poor-performing creatives — driving greater business performance from their media investments.

Discover how marketers are leveraging advanced techniques to make informed decisions in Bain’s latest interview with John Cripps, Ph.D. And make sure to check our white paper on creative rotation optimization here. 

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