August 23, 20211 min read

Auto Brands Share of Voice on Linear and Streaming TV

Platform, Top Brands, % of Auto Category Share of Voice (SOV)

Linear TV: Toyota (15%), Nissan (15%), Jeep (11%), Subaru (8%), Chevrolet (7%)

Hulu: Hyundai (22%), Subaru (17%), Chevrolet (13%), Buick (11%), Volvo (8%)

Paramount+: Kia (31%), Chevrolet (26%), Jeep (25%), Subaru (6%), Hyundai (3%)

Tubi: Chevrolet (49%), Buick (28%), GMC (15%), GM (7%), Honda (1%)

Peacock: Subaru (97%), Mercedes-Benz (3%)

PrendeTV: Toyota (96%), Ford (3%), Honda (1%)

discovery+: Subaru (54%), Jeep (45%), Chevrolet (1%)

Footnotes: Percentages total 100% for each platform out of category; table to be read: Toyota had 14% of all auto ad impressions on Linear TV during this time period. Date range for data is July 26 to August 22.

Data in perspective:

  • Hulu and Paramount+ show the greatest diversity of automotive advertisers on the platform. 

  • Peacock has the least amount of clutter with Subaru advertising almost all of the automotive spots (97%). 

  • Chevrolet has aired on the most number of platforms, including Linear TV, Hulu, Paramount+, Tubi, and The Roku Channel. 

  • Subaru, Buick, and GMC aired on the second most number of platforms, all sharing airtime on Linear TV, Hulu, and Paramount+.

  • The automotive category makes up almost 9% of all airings on The Roku Channel and holds about 8% share of voice on Paramount+ and Peacock. 

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