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January 4, 2023 3 min read

Tailoring TV Ads to Networks: Curating the Perfect Creative Rotation

When your ad is on the line, hope is not a strategy.

That’s why leading brands are leveraging data to inform their creative placement decisions. EDO’s whitepaper, “Tailoring TV Creatives to TV Networks,” unlocks a trove of in-depth insights into network and program placement combinations that can help you maximize your TV advertising success while it is still in flight.

We use industry-specific examples from the auto industry — including non-luxury cars — to illustrate how to optimize TV commercial performance across networks. Our data shows that tailoring TV ads to networks can yield significant performance gains compared to a generic marketing mix used across all networks.

In addition, our whitepaper provides tips on utilizing EDO’s data and insights to inform your TV advertising strategy for any industry.

To learn more about engaging large audiences across this important medium, download the free whitepaper here, contact us here, or continue reading for a few quick insights on how to take back control of your in-flight creative without any additional ad spend.

Take the guesswork out of your TV advertising, and let EDO put all your TV commercials to the test

There are many combinations of TV advertisements and networks that advertisers have no direct experience with. And for a time, from TV advertising agencies to brands and media companies alike, no one had any way of knowing if they were truly maximizing their engagement with their target audience. That’s because traditional TV advertising strategy was built on what had already been done – without the ability to explore all of the untested possibilities. Marketers were left asking themselves, “is it even possible to fill in those knowledge gaps?”

With EDO, the answer is yes.

EDO’s insights on TV ad performance are enabled by our massive data set, consisting of all national linear TV ads and their incremental brand search impacts since 2015.

By exploring this massive database across brands, categories, networks, programs, and creatives, we have found each network can have its own unique “optimal” creative mix that performs even better than the mix of creatives that the brand is running today. 

And EDO has the data and machine learning tools to automatically predict the expected impact of all combinations of creatives and networks for all advertisers.

Maximizing creative impact on each network with tailored creatives — a case study

Let’s consider an example of a single brand and product placement, a mid-priced minivan in July 2022. Only about 44% of the total possible combinations of networks and creatives were tested. But, by using machine learning to evaluate all possibilities (tried and untried), we cast a much wider net and uncovered potentially much better combinations than those used previously.

By staying within the existing set of networks in place from the brand’s Upfront buy, we used machine learning to fill in the direct experience gaps and broaden the consideration set to all 72 creative-network possibilities.

This allowed us to determine the best combinations of creatives and networks tailored to the brand’s individual circumstances – delivering much better performance than had been achieved before.

And, if we look across the entire non-luxury automotive category and consider only the networks currently used by each brand, only about 30% of the possible creative-network combinations have been tried directly. But what about the other 70%? Can we find performance gains in some of these new combinations? We almost always can, and EDO has the data and tools to make this routine.

Unlocking the perfect creative rotation has never been easier

With EDO, you can explore all of the untested possibilities that traditional TV advertising methodology does not provide access to, as well as predict potential impacts for any combination of creatives and networks.

And by utilizing our massive national TV dataset, with years of national linear ad exposure and incremental brand search lift for all brands, categories, networks, programs, and creatives, you can learn insights that will put your brand in the driver’s seat for maximizing creative performance.

Give your next campaign a head start by downloading our free whitepaper here or contacting us here. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your creative strategies and drive better results.