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February 21, 2022 3 min read

Cupid’s Bow Hits Pretty Woman and Jewelry Brands

Pretty Woman, the 90s romantic comedy that continues to capture hearts well through the 21st century, is a surprisingly engaging program for TV advertisers. While networks air reruns of the film throughout the year, none is a better time than Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and thoughts of roses and gifts are in the hearts and minds of American consumers. 

Valentine’s Day provides jewelry brands the perfect opportunity to ramp their advertising, and contextual programming within romantic comedies like Pretty Woman, for example, shouldn’t be overlooked. The iconic scene where Julia Roberts tries on a stunning ruby diamond necklace, for example, gets viewers thinking about new jewelry, and brands can immediately capitalize with a well-placed ad during TV movie breaks.

In prior EDO research, we have seen how marketers, with the right combination of creative and program, can successfully engage with consumers. In the case of jewelry brands and Pretty Woman, we see that holiday themed creatives catch consumer attention, TV movies continue to engage, and contextual programming works.

Holiday themed creatives

EDO research has found that the average holiday themed campaign generates 18% higher Search Engagement than a non-holiday themed campaign. This means that TV viewers are almost 20% more likely to search online for a brand after viewing a holiday themed TV ad airing. EDO has seen that holiday themed campaigns tend to have a stronger performance due to the newness of the creatives, the inclusion of an offer, and the promotion of a new product.

Movies on TV

While we know that theatrical and streaming movies provide a big bang for advertisers’ bucks, EDO has also seen that movie reruns and TV movies, too, are engaging. In particular, for the jewelry category, results indicate that TV viewers are 9% more likely to engage online with brands airing during a movie program, in comparison to the average primetime cable program.

Kay Jewelers and Jared provide two excellent examples.

Kay Jewelers aired 50% of the jewelry airings during Pretty Woman, which aired during primetime on Lifetime. This was a great investment given that the brand generated online search almost 90% higher than the average primetime cable Kay Jewelers airing, meaning TV viewers were about 90% more likely to search online for Kay in comparison to the average Kay airing on Primetime Cable.

TV viewers were so engaged with the brand that viewers were 44% more likely to engage online with Kay during Pretty Woman in comparison to the average jewelry airing during the classic movie. 

Jared only had one airing during the same programming, which paid off. TV viewers were 97% more likely to search online for Jared in the minutes immediately after its airing, in comparison to the average Jared airing during Primetime Cable.

Contextual programming works

Jewelry brands that aired during Pretty Woman (on primetime Lifetime) the day before Valentine’s Day successfully engaged with the TV audience. A viewer watching Pretty Woman was 32% more likely to search online for the jewelry brand in the minutes immediately following a TV ad airing, in comparison to the average primetime cable program jewelry airing. 

Additionally, Pretty Woman on primetime Lifetime had 1.2x the number of impressions as the average primetime cable program. Given Pretty Woman had a slightly higher reach and higher Search Engagement, EDO found that a jewelry brand would require 1.6 ads on the average primetime cable program to generate the same online search impact as 1 ad during Pretty Woman.

Jewelry brands may not be offering the same Julia Roberts ruby diamond necklace, but they can offer TV viewers a chance to explore their brand and products. As we have seen with Pretty Woman, jewelry brands can invest in the right Valentine’s Day program to engage with consumers at the right time.

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