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January 5, 2020 1 min read

How are Tech Companies Using Linear TV?

2019 was a sea-change year for tech advertising on TV. We saw digital natives launching strong national linear TV campaigns as tech and e-commerce brands became regulars during commercial breaks.

As CES kicks off this week, EDO examined how tech and e-commerce brands used national linear TV this past holiday season. The results show that TV is clearly an important marketing medium for these companies. EDO can help you see what’s happening and what’s working on TV in 2020!

The Highlights

It’s Amazon’s World

To fill up Santa’s sleigh, you could have gone to your local Target or Walmart store, or you could have loaded up an Amazon cart and had all of your purchases delivered to your front door. In order to influence holiday shoppers to make that decision, Amazon dramatically out-advertised its competitors on national TV this holiday season.

Battle for the Home

One of the biggest tech battles of 2019 was for virtual real estate in your home. Whether to play music, video chat with relatives, control your lights, or coordinate your shopping list, home-based virtual assistants are increasingly fighting for living rooms across the country.

Amazon Echo was the most active advertiser among the major home assistants this holiday season, running almost 11x the airings of Google Home and over 2x the ads of Portal from Facebook.

Merry Mobiles

Among the four major telecom providers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon), T-Mobile stole the holiday season by running over 2x more airings than its competitors. T-Mobile also ran 43.5% more impressions than its next closest competitor (Verizon), 2.3x more impressions than Sprint, and 3.7x more impressions than AT&T.

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