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February 4, 2019< 1 min read

EDO’s Super Bowl LIII Celebrity Rankings

  • Female empowerment ads scored big, as Toni Harris (female football player) proved to be the most searched person within any Super Bowl LIII ad in the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid spot (by a wide margin), and Serena Williams, in her ad for Bumble, drove very high Search Engagement as well.

  • Quirky works, as unusual ads from Burger King and Michelob Ultra Pure Gold drove very high Search Engagement for their stars, Andy Warhol (in a throw-back for Burger King) and Zoe Kravitz (using the power of ASMR) – with all three (counting ASMR as a “celeb” in its own right) finishing in the Top 5 of most searched celebrities in Super Bowl LIII.

  • People love “The Dude,” as Jeff Bridges brought his legendary character back in an ad for Stella Artois and drove very high Search Engagement in the process.