Kevin Krim on CNBC's Squawk Box
September 11, 20231 min read

CNBC Squawk Box: EDO’s 3 Key Takeaways from our NFL TV Outcomes Report

The NFL is the crown jewel of Convergent TV advertising — and brands and agencies have never been under more pressure to maximize the performance of the ads they run on gameday.

This past Friday, EDO President and CEO Kevin Krim joined CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to share insights from our recent NFL TV Outcomes Report and give viewers a lay of the TV advertising landscape as we begin the 2023 season.

Check out the video of his appearance below, or scroll down to read three key take-homes for the Convergent TV industry.

1. The NFL is the king of the Convergent TV hill

The NFL dominates live entertainment, driving advertising spend and subscription sign-ups across linear and streaming platforms. Last year, NFL programs led the way in viewer engagement—the Super Bowl drove 220% more engagement per person than the average primetime program. 

2. Streaming platforms are getting in on the action

A pivotal moment for TV advertising arrived last season when Thursday Night Football aired on Amazon’s Prime Video service for the entire season. NFL games on Amazon Prime Video were 116% more effective at driving consumer engagement than the primetime average.

3. Streaming offers targeted audiences—but the NFL’s watercooler appeal isn’t going anywhere

Streaming gives advertisers more options for careful targeting and precise viewership analysis. This is a boon to NFL marketers, and we expect to see more targeted ads running during games in the years to come. However, one of the NFL’s great strengths lies in its ability to unite massive audiences across socioeconomic fault lines. As long as that’s the case, advertisers will want to use NFL programming to engage large audiences with the same creative message, all at the same time.

Want to know more about NFL advertising this season? Stay tuned.

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