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June 16, 2021 1 min read

Why the ‘High Anxiety’ Around Convergent TV: Welcome to TV’s Watershed Moment

EDO President & CEO Kevin Krim spoke with Cynopsis Editorial Director Lynn Leahey earlier this week at the Cynopsis Measurement & Data Virtual Conference during the appropriately named session, “High Anxiety: Why you need outcome measurement for Convergent TV.” 

Considering all the rapid changes happening in the TV landscape right now, it made sense to do a session around the growing anxieties being felt on both the buy and sell sides right now. The upfronts have signaled a dynamic shift in the marketplace with significant ad spend shifting away from linear and towards streaming. With reach dropping rapidly on linear, and not enough ad inventory in non-linear, prices are rising, accelerating pressures for buyers and sellers to demonstrate that they are delivering performance. At EDO, we’re already helping some of our top clients navigate these shifting waters with a private beta of our new Convergent TV platform.

During their one-on-one conversation, Lynn and Kevin covered a variety of topics concerning the seismic shift we’re all witnessing, including:

  • What buyers and sellers need to be doing fundamentally differently right now  

  • The type of investment-grade data you can bet your career on

  • How EDO is helping our clients on both the buy and sell sides to navigate the $200 billion+ Convergent TV ad landscape

  • The impact the big imbalance between supply and demand is having, and what decisions it’s forcing buyers to make  

  • What executive level role is now the most exposed and vulnerable due to this changing landscape

  • How networks, streaming services, marketers and agencies can ensure they’re not getting graded on the wrong metrics of success

  • The need for greater flexibility when it comes to the walled garden approach

  • The impact Apple’s privacy stance is having on the ecosystem 

You can watch the full session above. And if you’re also experiencing “High Anxiety” around the Convergent TV landscape, we’d be happy to chat about how EDO can help. Contact us today.