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February 7, 20232 min read

EDO & NBCUniversal Team Up to Revolutionize TV Ad Measurement

Earlier this year, NBCUniversal gathered representatives from a wide variety of advertising measurement disciplines to discuss linear TV’s biggest inconsistency: cross-platform measurement.

As consumer choice as to where and how they consume their entertainment increases, so do the demands of the brands and businesses that need to track their engagement accurately. Although digital platforms like search and social media have kept up with the times (and demands) of the 21st century, Convergent TV is still finding its rhythm.

But which metric is the one the industry should focus on? Some care only about reach, impressions, or attention. Others care only about sentiment, online conversation, or popularity. Is one better than another? Is there a perfect combination? Or should they all be working in concert? These questions, and many more, are why NBCUniversal brought a who’s who of measurement partners together to frame a series of powerful discussions to lead the way forward.

On stage at One23, NBCU’s annual developer conference in New York City, thought leaders discussed establishing a standardized measurement system to support multiple cross-platform video currencies and scale by the time the 2024 upfronts roll around.

During a panel focused on connecting reach, resonance, and emotion, Joshua Lee, EDO’s very own CTO and Head of Product, spoke about how quality advertising drives emotional connections and behavioral outcomes alongside leaders from NBCU and Dumbstruck:

“At the center of a strong campaign is a strong creative that’s able to drive both emotions as well as outcomes. We see time and again in our data that you don’t have to choose between, brand goals as well as performing schools. You can truly have a campaign that gives you both.”

The measurement leaders discussed how humans are inherently driven by emotion – their purchase behavior is inspired by advertising and the content that surrounds it, which fosters connections between consumers, the brands they buy, and the content they love. With new datasets and approaches available across the industry, companies like EDO are beginning to operationalize resonance and emotion-based measurement to influence currency and outcome-based datasets. And we, like NBCU, believe this is a cornerstone to the future of Convergent TV.

When it was all said and done, NBCU certified nearly 30 brands, including EDO, and the race for industry-wide standardization by 2024 was on.

Don’t think the TV measurement status quo is good enough? If you’re looking to plan for 2023’s Upfronts, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to grow your share of the market, make smarter budget cuts, or maximize the value of your in-flight creative, EDO is here to help.