February 28, 2022< 1 min read

EDO’s Non-Luxury Auto TV Advertising Performance Insights Report for 2022 Upfront Planning

EDO provides advertisers with the tools to incorporate an outcome-based approach into the upfront planning process through our Search Engagement performance metrics, which measure actual consumer behavior in response to Linear TV ads.

Our Non-Luxury Automotive TV Advertising Performance Insights Reports for 2022 Upfront Planning provides a sample of the data EDO delivers to help guide advertisers’ upfront investment decisions.

The report includes insights about:

1. Top Non-Luxury Auto brands ranked by national TV ad spend and impressions.

2. The top-performing shows and networks across broadcast and cable for Non-Luxury Auto ad effectiveness.

3. The best live sports and awards programs for Non-Luxury Auto TV ad effectiveness.

4. How EDO’s Non-Luxury Auto data can validate and maximize 2022 Linear TV upfront investment strategies.

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