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January 3, 2021 < 1 min read

EDO’s 2020 TV Advertising Insights Report

As the challenges of 2020 altered the lives of millions of people, it was more important than ever for marketers to understand changes in consumer behavior in response to advertising – especially to accurately analyze TV ad effectiveness.

EDO measures this consumer response through Search Engagement – the increase in search activity for a brand following a TV ad airing. Search Engagement gives marketers a real-time view of TV ad performance based on consumer behavior.

In our 2020 TV Advertising Insights report, you can:

  • See how consumer TV ad engagement changed over the course of 2020

  • View the top-performing shows and networks for TV ad effectiveness in 2020

  • Learn what creative and messaging strategies drove engagement for TV advertisers in 2020

  • Read our experts’ predictions for TV advertising in 2021