January 24, 20232 min read

Disney and EDO Strike Premiere Streaming Measurement Deal

Agreement Sets The Stage To Expand Outcome-Based Measurement To Streaming

Disney Advertising and EDO have entered into a premiere agreement to apply the company’s engagement metrics to Disney’s streaming footprint, starting with Hulu. As a result, advertisers will gain greater insight on how Disney’s premium content translates into consumer engagement and performance.

“Disney’s best-in-class news, sports and entertainment properties foster an engaging and measurable environment for both brand building and performance for our advertising partners,” said Danielle Brown, SVP, Data Enablement and Category Strategy, Disney Advertising. “Through our expanded relationship with EDO, we are bringing insights to brands based on the largest and most leaned-in audiences in live sports and events to show the impact of an ad exposure in streaming on cross-screen digital behavior like search and site visits.”

“EDO’s outcome-based measurement metrics alongside Disney’s vast linear and streaming catalog provides an alternative signal of outcome based ad performance that’s both simple and immediate,” said Michael Piner, EVP Advanced Advertising, Mediahub Worldwide. “This partnership helps build a solid foundation for industry adoption of new outcome based measurement metrics that allow us to understand Convergent TV ad performance.”

Disney’s longstanding relationship with EDO uniquely proves the power of its portfolio to drive engagement, and better reach diverse audiences. EDO’s insights have shown how tentpole events and live sports like The Academy Awards, American Music Awards, ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and the College Football Playoffs and National Championship provide an impactful environment for TV advertisers. With EDO data, advertisers can isolate the TV impact of media placements and ad creatives – measuring how real-time ad performance contributes to business outcomes.

Edward Norton, EDO co-founder & chairman and accomplished filmmaker & entrepreneur, joined Disney executives to announce the companies’ new streaming collaboration during Disney’s Tech and Data Showcase on January 25.

“With EDO’s predictive, behavioral engagement data that correlates to market share growth, advertising leaders like Disney can know and predict the effectiveness of Convergent TV campaigns,” Norton said. “Disney is a leader in defining this new era of critical transformation for our industry, and we are proud to partner. Combining Disney’s truly astonishing and diverse portfolio of creative content with EDO’s powerful, investment-grade TV outcomes measurement – that’s a signal you can bank on.”

Watch Edward Norton, EDO co-founder & chairman and accomplished actor, filmmaker & entrepreneur, announce EDO’s expanded Convergent TV partnership with Disney.


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