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November 9, 20212 min read

EDO Expands Fox Corporation Collaboration into Convergent TV

In an effort to more holistically measure media performance across linear and streaming TV, EDO today launched its new Ad EnGage Convergent product. The enhanced platform expands coverage, provides household-level measurement, and introduces new advanced modeling techniques enabling advertisers to maximize ROI and consumer engagement.

Expanded Collaboration with FOX Corporation

One of the first media companies to use EDO’s new Ad EnGage Convergent offering is Fox Corporation. As part of the agreement, FOX will implement Ad EnGage Convergent to inform and optimize the efficacy of on-air promotion in driving traffic to its vital new initiatives including Big Noon Kickoff, a college football show broadcast by FOX and simulcast on FS1; FOX Bet, a sports betting platform;, a personal loan and mortgage comparison platform; and free streaming service Tubi’s month-long Halloween celebration, “Terror on Tubi.” 

“EDO is bringing our industry-leading outcome-based measurement approach and world-class data science software to help FOX build its newest business ventures,” said Kevin Krim, CEO and President, EDO. “Our insights help marketers justify TV ad spend and optimize promotional spending across rapidly changing media environments. With EDO’s enhanced platform, FOX and other marketers can evaluate, prove performance and make better decisions using a unified view across linear and streaming TV.”

To do so, EDO will leverage its unparalleled expertise connecting ad occurrence to behavioral outcomes, such as search and site visitation, as well as deliver non-traditional data and real-time metrics to guide media placement optimization. EDO’s analytics will also reveal insights on non-traditional advertising by evaluating audience, media, creative and other forms of contextual marketing.

“What makes this collaboration different is that it isn’t just about offering another metric for performance to potential ad buyers,” said Robert Macdonald, SVP Tech Partnerships & Investments, Fox Corporation. “It directly impacts how Fox goes to market with its own businesses. Our job is to create the future of network broadcasting innovation by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. And with years of experience working with EDO on linear TV at FOX Sports, we are now prepared to extend into new categories.”

Ad EnGage Convergent Benefits

Combining consumer search data with a pooled, multi-touch attribution model, Ad EnGage Convergent offers a combination of data sets, features, and benefits, allowing buy side and sell side customers to:

  • Gain real-time knowledge of a brand or service and its competitor’s ad delivery, providing insight into relative ad share. 

  • Discover how effective ad strategies are compared to competitors’ cross-platform campaigns. 

  • Measure the relative effectiveness of advertising delivered across linear and non-linear TV. 

  • Identify optimization opportunities within the media mix and audience tactics to gain competitive market share.

  • Identify the optimal frequency level to efficiently generate response across linear and nonlinear TV environments.

  • Measure ad exposures holistically to assess audience duplication and identify untapped media environments for incremental reach. 

  • Inform audience targeting by linking ad occurrence, demographics, viewing behaviors and behavioral response.