Oscars 2024 Top 15

Top Ads: Oscars 2024

March 10, 2024

See which ads generated the most consumer engagement at the 2024 Oscars! EDO, the TV outcomes company, has ranked the top 15 ads airing at this year's Academy Awards on ABC, based on how each ad increased consumer engagement in the minutes after airing. Click on any ad to watch (or share) it! 

EDO data reveals which ads are most predictive of actual business performance, using real-time, consumer engagement data — such as search activity, website visits, and app usage — proven to predict business outcomes across industries.

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Oscars 2024: Entertainment & luxury brands shine bright on Hollywood’s big night

The 96th Academy Awards was a celebration of the year that was in global cinema, and distributors, streamers, and movie buffs were just as excited about the films and TV shows that are yet to come. 

According to our analysis of consumer engagement behavior throughout the broadcast, 10 of the most effective 15 ads that aired during this year’s Oscars were for TV shows and upcoming movies, topped by Amazon MGM Studios’ Challengers. The trailer for this steamy romantic drama generated 22x as much consumer engagement — such as search activity — as the median ad during the broadcast.

And on a night of glitz, glam, and gowns, it’s no surprise that consumers were seduced by the siren song of luxury throughout the show. Luxury brands accounted for three of the five non-entertainment category advertisers that landed in our top 15, led by the iconic watch brand Rolex. The watchmaker, which also sponsored the Oscars Greenroom, aired an ad highlighting the brand’s place in popular film and TV. The spot drove 20x as much engagement as the median Oscars ad, second only to Challengers overall. 

Top 15 Oscars 2024 Ads

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