Predictive Outcomes for Convergent TV
By measuring the moment when consideration moves to intent — it’s proven that brands can make movements in market share. EDO's media analytics and decision science helps your brand Know What Works.
That magic moment — when consideration moves to intent. EDO measures those powerful - and predictive - signals, and matches them to what’s being shown on TV - your ads. But how does it work?
Why Predictive Engagements → Share of Market

Predictive Engagement is EDO’s proprietary behavioral measure of consumers’ brand engagement in the moments following a TV ad airing. Engagement is a leading indicator of market share, and an indication of consumer discovery, interest, and intent.

When TV viewers see content that interests or excites them, they pick up a second device and to get more information. EDO captures this consumer response to TV advertising by measuring these engagements in real-time, analyzing the granular data that precisely attribute consumers’ online behavior and content consumption to individual TV ad airings.

Measuring Convergent TV
with Syndicated Attribution and First Party Data

EDO’s data modeling approach provides a comprehensive view across linear and streaming television, showing marketers what works to drive consumers to action and what doesn’t. With a unique combination of intent signals (Search and Site Visitation) on a per exposure basis, EDO accomplishes one-to-one matching.

First, EDO captures Convergent TV ad occurrence data via Smart TV or First-Party data sharing. Then, we capture outcomes data — individual-level data for search and site visit activity for all brands. Next we match occurrences to outcomes in an encrypted, privacy-safe method. Finally - an advanced data model is executed to identify incremental search and site activity and contribution of audience, creative, media.

EDO uses a Propensity Model and a Lift Model to attribute credit to individual ad exposures. For a given ad exposure, its attributed credit represents the incremental impact it had in driving behavior. EDO’s Propensity Model measures the baseline probability that a behavior happens without any ad exposure. Because this probability is not incremental, it is separated and is not attributed to any individual ad exposure. EDO’s Lift Model then uses algorithmic attribution to attribute credit to individual ad exposures. Different ad exposures will receive different credit based on their estimated impact on driving incremental behaviors.

The EDO Advantage
Measure the Entire Consumer Journey
EDO’s Ad EnGage platform is powered by predictive outcomes data - with a proven link to market share. By matching the moments when consumers engage with syndicated data of every airing — you have real-time TV intelligence.
Next-Day Performance Insights for Tentpole Programming

Marketers can gain immediate performance results for tentpole programming – such as live events, award shows, and network specials – that compare how their brand’s high-profile ad airings performed against competitors.

Networks can justify that advertisers’ investment in tentpole programming is worth the premium. EDO’s analysis includes how a brand’s ad performed against a competitor’s that aired in the same event, with historical category-level benchmarks.

Two-Way Collaboration
Our dedicated media analysts act as an extension of your team by understanding your business’s unique needs, and surfacing the right data insights to respond to in-market challenges. We explain key data so you can leverage performance results for actionable insights.
I thought it would be impossible to bridge my love of science with my interests in art & entertainment. I was thrilled to find EDO - where we do such cool interdisciplinary work with data science, entertainment, and advertising.
Teddy S
Media Analytics
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