Competitive Intelligence

Complete, always-on coverage for thousands of brands and products. Every program, every ad - since 2015

Want to know your competitors better than they do? With EDO, gain a comprehensive view across linear and streaming TV — with real-time competitive, category, and historical benchmarks. Learn from your competitors - and beat them.

How Does It Work?

Bring EDO’s real-time incremental engagement and 
outcome analytics into your media environment to:
EDO monitors 120 linear and streaming networks to continuously collect and maintain data. Our creative library contains over 200M U.S. national TV ads since 2015.
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Content is then logged and tagged with metadata, including schedules, impressions, spend estimates, brands, products and other data points.
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Our proprietary matching technology fingerprints ad content for automatic recognition of future airings.
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Our unique taxonomy creates a categorical hierarchy of over 70,000 companies, brands, and products advertised on TV, enabling powerful exploration, comparisons, and insights for you.

Unobstructed Line of Sight

Real-time campaign and competitive tracking

Understand your competitors’ current and historic media strategies; monitor their share of voice, new campaigns and creatives; and detect competitors’ messaging strategies, demographic targets, and seasonal patterns.

Powerful competitive benchmarking

Build your own customized competitive benchmarking sets for easy in-depth comparisons of spend and strategies and what’s working for your competitors. Receive immediate insights on what programs your competitors aired in last night so you’re in the know, right away.

Inform investment strategy

Our syndicated, census-level data set allows you to evaluate media strategies across networks, programs, dayparts, and pod positions with the statistical rigor needed to make informed decisions for your own brand.

Ad monitoring to ensure your planned ad buy is delivered

With Ad EnGage Convergent, brands and agencies can audit if a network is adhering to agreed upon buying guidelines in real-time. Advertisers can identify errors early enough to fix them and apply make-goods before a campaign has ended.

Find white space

Find out where your competitors are inactive and make sure you’re not getting outspent in programming you didn’t know to invest in.

Unparalleled creative library

Watch your competitors’ linear and streaming ads and discover custom network sponsorship creatives. Review ads in the actual commercial pod they aired in.

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