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Box Office

Scenario-based forecasting software for theatrical and streaming films
EDO forecasts and analyzes clients’ North American opening weekend box office by applying data science insights to real-time consumer behavior.

Make Decisions Based On Consumer Behavior.

We follow consumers’ movie-related online searches to provide you with a daily assessment of your film’s potential Box Office opening.

Invest More in What Works.

EDO delivers early forecasts immediately after marketing and trailers launch so you can gauge impact and fine-tune your strategy mid-campaign.

See Where Your Competitors Are - And Where You Aren’t.

Assess the future competitive landscape with greater confidence with EDO’s Box Office measurements for all films in the marketplace.

EDO's Box Office Advantages

With EDO’s next-generation approach using Latent Intent, you can:
Forecast future movie performance.
Measure consumer interest in your upcoming movie (and competitors’ movies) based on online search patterns and website viewing.
Free decision-makers from forecasting limits of other tools that are designed for testing and tracking ads.

How EDO Box Office Works

EDO captures consumers’ online activity, such as search or website visits, related to a movie title. 
Our proprietary system, driven by financial-grade data science, organizes and analyzes this information to create a signal called Traction.
We set the Traction metric as a benchmark to directly compare consumer interest in a movie against others, ultimately delivering a clear and accurate Box Office opening forecast.


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