Every Ad, Everywhere, All At Once – Top Ads from the 2023 Oscars

How we ranked the ads: EDO scored the performance of every national Oscars ad airing based on the measure of incremental online engagement for a brand or product immediately following the airing. Each airing is indexed to the median-performing in-show spot (Engagement Index = 100) to easily compare the relative impact of each ad on online brand engagement. The data included in this analysis is preliminary and subject to slight adjustments based on EDO’s final analysis.

Every Ad, Everywhere, All At Once – Top Ads from the 2023 Oscars

The 95th Academy Awards on ABC was one we’ll be thinking about for quite some time. This year’s Oscars featured its fair share of big moments (Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh’s wins for Everything Everywhere All At Once) and light-hearted fun aplenty (yes, there was indeed a cocaine bear and an emotional support donkey on stage). And what awards show would be complete without soon-to-be immortalized memes (saying there was a “popped collar” in the audience doesn’t quite do it justice)? 

But when it’s all said and done, the Oscars managed to bring back something that was once lost but has now been found (again): that storytelling at the movies is as timeless, as strong, and as diverse as it’s ever been.

And the one thing we noticed at EDO? The ads were equally as ambitious — and impactful. Below is a rundown of the top 25 ads that stole the show. Want a deeper dive analysis on your brand or category, or see a competitor you want to know more about? Just reach out here.

Both spirits and production values were high for advertisers celebrating a year at the movies

Autodesk featured a three-part ad series (part one aired during the pre-show) about “Otto Desć,” an inspiring and pivotal figure in the lives of many of Hollywood’s best, whose careers would not be what they were without him. Turns out, he’s no more real than Mr. Peanut, but for Autodesk. Threading a series of ads with minimal branding during a three-hour awards ceremony was a risky move but earned Autodesk a spot in the top three ads during the Oscars.

Booking.com made waves with a variation of its Super Bowl campaign starring Melissa McCarthy, who gave us an extended musical number encouraging viewers to start planning their next vacation.

And Volvo highlighted the stunt teams that often go unsung during awards season but whose seamless work highlights the moments that make movies a must-see experience in the theater.

Viewers were brought back full circle to the turbulent times we continue to face

Between tear-jerking awards speeches and incredible Tollywood dance choreography, healthcare was very much top of mind at this year’s Oscars. Specifically, the ongoing conversation about Covid-19. 

The US Health Department’s ad reminded Oscars viewers to get their boosters, and Pfizer’s ads spoke about having a plan should you test positive, as well as an ad featuring a Covid-19 treatment Paxlovid. The latter of which, was the only health-related ad to make the Top 25.

Talk about inflation also made a timely appearance at the Oscars via Rocket Mortgage, as financial well-being was particularly top of mind this weekend.

But despite reflecting on how we got here, the Oscars was a place to look ahead

The Top Ad of the night, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, brought viewers into what looks to be a lovely live-action remake of the classic tale.

Lucid Motors, in the number two spot, reminded us that elegant design and EVs have become synonymous with all of the creature comforts we have come to expect.

And most of all, we are all ready to kick back and be immersed in the worlds of programs like The Bear (FX on Hulu), The Mandalorian (Disney+), American Born Chinese (Disney+) and of course, from one of the biggest theatrical experience advocates himself, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.