Entertainment EnGage

Track consumer interest in SVOD and linear TV series, movies and talent - daily and over time.

Powerful Insights.
Better Decisions.

EDO’s consumer search data combined with proprietary data science powers smarter, data-driven acquisition, development, and talent deals.

Real-time feedback loop
See the impact of online and offline marketing actions in real time - how much did your trailer launch, high-profile TV ad, publicity or promotional stunt move the needle on interest? How does the consumer response compare to similar actions for current and historical series or movies? Understand which cast members of your show or movie are driving the highest relative Search Engagement and tailor your marketing messages to showcase those actors.
Make smarter decisions
Use Entertainment EnGage to compare relative interest in available titles to inform acquisition or development decisions. Rank talent by consumer interest when making casting decisions. Identify which comedians and performers generate high Engagement when considering “specials”.
Benchmark against current and historical titles
Use the EDO dashboard to compare multiple titles aligned to similar events - season premiere, trailer launch, etc. Gauge interest in your upcoming Season 3 compared to Season 1 and 2 of your series and to similar titles with multiple seasons.
Compare Engagement by Geography/DMA
Where is your series, film or talent generating relatively high consumer interest? Which markets are underperforming?

EDO Advantages

Unmatched expertise in ingesting, processing, and structuring search data.
Rigorously consistent across titles and over time, yielding a reliable production-scale historical database.
Automated continuous collection leading to cost-effective offering.
Built on Search Engagement, EDO’s proprietary metric that strongly correlates with outcomes like box office and ratings.

How EDO Entertainment EnGage Works

Consumers see content that interests them and search for more information.
EDO continuously captures data on consumers’ online search behavior and content consumption related to our large and ever-growing database of movie, SVOD and linear TV titles, and talent.
Data is enhanced with structured metadata for easy search and comparisons.
Clients use the data to compare relative levels of consumer Search Engagement for a competitive set of titles or individuals.

Key Features

Add as many SVOD and linear TV titles, movies, actors, comedians, singers, and other talent as you’d like to compare
Align titles by events such as trailer drops or release dates as if they were concurrent
View structured metadata for easy search and comparison (genre, network/studio, premiere date, and more)
Switch between breakdown chart, trend over time, and table views
Download comprehensive CSV reports
Save and return anytime for updates

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