EDO Box Office

Predict your movie’s opening weekend performance based on a data-driven analysis of consumers’ demonstrated interest and engagement.

Today’s engagement.
Tomorrow’s performance.

Our next-generation Box Office forecasting and analysis tool applies data science insights to actual consumer behavior to forecast clients’ North American opening weekend box office.

Base decisions on actual consumer actions
We follow consumers’ movie-related online investigations (digital breadcrumbs) to provide you with a daily assessment of your film’s potential Box Office opening.
Learn right away if your marketing is working
EDO gives you early forecasts – right after the first marketing materials and trailer have gone live – so you can gauge impact and fine-tune your strategy.
See how you stack up against competitors
Assess the future competitive landscape with greater confidence by looking at EDO’s box office measurements for all films in the marketplace.
Latent Intent
Only EDO employs this leading edge metric to deliver more accurate Box Office forecasts.

EDO Advantages

Only EDO Box Office uses Latent Intent to forecast future movie performance.
Latent Intent measures a consumer’s interest in your upcoming movie (and competitors’ movies) based on their online search patterns and website viewing.
This next-generation approach frees decision-makers from the limitations of other forecasting tools that were designed for testing or tracking ads.

How EDO Box Office Works

EDO captures data sources that highly correlate with consumer investigations (such as search) related to a movie title.
Our proprietary system, driven by finance level data science, organizes and analyzes this information to create a signal called Traction.
Using Traction as a reference point to compare your movie against others, you can forecast opening Box Office.

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