Ad EnGage CI Streaming

Real-Time Competitive Intelligence for AVOD Advertising

Ad EnGage CI Streaming from EDO gives TV advertisers first-of-its-kind, real-time ad intelligence on advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) platforms.
See ad occurrence, competitive share of voice, creative, and targeting data across supported AVOD platforms
Gain insight into AVOD advertising trends at the category and brand level
Understand where your and your competitors’ ad dollars are going
See what messages your competitors are using on AVOD platforms and what their media mix looks like
Understand what demographics marketers are targeting with streaming ads
Intelligence you’ve never seen beforeAd EnGage CI Streaming gives you powerful competitive data to inform your AVOD strategy, including:
Ranked lists of advertisers by overall volume and category-level share of voice on each AVOD platform
The creatives used by each brand on each AVOD platform, including video files
AVOD programming placements for all advertisers by program and/or genre
Campaign flight dates for each advertiser/campaign
Demographic targets used (by age and/or gender)
Direct comparisons to linear TV via unified taxonomy of brands, products, and creatives
Always-on ad capture, 24/7, 365
Insights for any time range or combination of platforms
Data captured at the brand and individual product level
Over 125,000 AVOD airings collected daily
Rigorous data checks and normalization for data accuracy and comparability over time
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