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Do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.
Ad EnGage from EDO gives advertisers and networks unprecedented access to accurate, comprehensive TV ad intelligence and effectiveness metrics to quickly generate powerful insights.

By pairing real-time ad occurrence data with time-matched consumer online search behavior, Ad EnGage gives you a quantifiable and predictive measure to make better TV advertising decisions.
Measure the impact of your TV investment like digital
Get actionable intelligence to inform your media and creative investments
Know how your and your competitors’ TV campaigns are performing in real-time
Benchmark using our historical dataset of 70M+ ads
Optimize your creative rotation in-flight
Intelligence at your fingertipsAd EnGage gives you the power and flexibility to understand and compare what matters to you
Intuitive, powerful web app
Proprietary Alexandria Taxonomy that classifies ads from category to creative
Ability to create your own competitive sets
Access to our experts on-call
Always-on TV capture, 24/7, 365
The fastest, most comprehensive, and actionable TV ad data and analytics
Automated Content Recognition & Ad Collection
Cheaper and more accurate
Behavioral metrics
The predictive KPIs you need to make key business & budget decisions in real-time.
Full access to all of national TV advertising since 2015
Competitive and historical intelligence on your brand and full competitive set.

Learn from what others have done to optimize your own business plans
Categorical hierarchy of all advertiser brands and products
Explore, search for, and find what matters to you

Drill down from category to creative

Uncover new insights by creating your own comparisons
Aggregated data; no first party data or PII required
Same-day onboarding with no setup costs

CCPA + GDPR privacy-compliant

Guards against sample bias
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Ad EnGage Modules
Customize your Ad EnGage experience and insights with the data and features most relevant to you.
Ad EnGage CIReal-time competitive intelligence on TV advertisingOptions: National, Streaming
Explore and compare TV advertising in context
Learn from what others have done to optimize for success
Generate data-driven recommendations
Key Features
Real-time ad occurrence data and metadata built on the individual ad airing for precise and flexible intelligence
The most comprehensive and accurate national TV ad database of 70M+ airings on 120+ networks, collected 24/7 since 2015
Cloud DVR player to view ads in their original context of the surrounding programming
Omni-search capability in an easy-to-navigate platform
Ability to create customizable view sets to compare different groups of peers
Competitors’ Impressions by Network
Ad EnGage SE
Real-time insights into consumer engagement for more effective TV advertising
Advertisers use TV for its unparalleled reach and immediate exposure. And when TV viewers see content that interests or excites them, they pick up a second device and search for more information. Engagement occurs when the viewer moves from passively receiving an advertiser’s messaging to actively participating in the purchase journey by searching online for the advertiser’s offering.

EDO measures this consumer response to TV advertising with our proprietary Search Engagement metric, capturing time-matched data to attribute consumers’ online search behavior to individual TV ad airings. By precisely aligning ad airings with search activity, we help advertisers effectively guide consumers through their marketing funnels towards a transaction.
Finally understand and quantify the impact of your TV advertising on consumer engagement in real-time
Optimize your creative rotation in-flight for consumer engagement
Make the most cost-effective upfront and scatter investments for the greatest return
Identify undervalued media placements and competitive advantages that deliver disproportionate levels of impact for your brand relative to cost
Understand the impact of your choices, such as ad format, ad duration, custom segments or integrations, and placement within a commercial pod
Key Features
Search Engagement, a behavioral KPI measuring what consumers actually do in response to TV advertising, not just what they remember or say they’ll do
Real-time performance data for your and your competitors’ creatives, campaigns, and media placements
User-defined meaningful benchmarks for your brand, category, program, or network
Track Performance Over Time
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