TV Ad Engagement

See exactly what’s working (and what’s not) in your TV advertising with a real-time solution that precisely matches consumer Search Engagement to national TV ad airings.

Consumer engagement reveals purchase intent.

Buyers and sellers of TV advertising rely on our data to measure how well their national TV airings drive consumers into their marketing and purchase funnels.

Measure how your TV campaign is performing
Gauge how your campaign is performing compared to past campaigns, and whether it’s gaining enough share of Search Engagement. Measure your ad performance on live events and any integrations you have sponsored.
Optimize creatives in real-time
Conduct live A/B testing of your creatives on TV with no additional work or preparation. Assess consumer engagement for each approach, then optimize your creative and rotation plan.
Know where your media is driving brand engagement
Zero in on networks, shows, or dayparts that drive the greatest brand engagement, then overlay cost data to reveal R.O.I.
Benchmark against competitors’ campaigns
Understand where others’ campaigns are working so you can compete more effectively. Our data is fully syndicated and requires no private client information.
Tap our experts for deeper explorations
Our team will help you isolate and analyze the relative value of any attribute of different TV ad airings. Understand the impact of choices you make such as ad format, ad duration, custom segments, or integrations, and placement within a commercial segment.
Always On
We collect data 24/7 so you can access insights at any time without extra setup - no need for a separate pre/post brand campaign study.
Search Engagement: The Moment of Truth
Exposure to Transaction Funnel
Advertisers turn to TV to achieve large-scale exposure of their products and services. Ad quality and viewability serve to grab the consumer’s attention.

Engagement occurs when the consumer transforms from a passive recipient of messages to an active participant in the purchasing process by searching online for the advertiser’s offering.

This is why EDO’s exclusive Search Engagement metric is the ultimate KPI. By precisely aligning ad airings with search activity, we help advertisers guide consumers effectively through their marketing funnels to the point of transaction.
We have a unique way to gauge ad performance.

It’s called Search Engagement.

The EDO Difference

Our extensive research into the dimensions of our metrics allows us to be very precise when measuring the statistical significance of the insights we generate. We stand out from out competitors in the following ways:

Precision of Attribution
The time granularity for our data sources and specificity of our data collection allows us to isolate the impact of individual TV ad airings separate from other TV ad airings, even those occurring in a similar time frame.
Companies that lack time granular data must aggregate TV ad airings that occur during the same day or week and can only estimate the impact of each individual ad airing.
Population-Level Data
The breadth of our data sources provides a population view of engagement, which guards against bias (e.g., sample bias) and provides full coverage (even for low rated programming).
Other solutions that align TV ad airings with measurement use panels or other data sources that are much more limited in scope and can have holes in coverage.
Syndicated Data Source
Our data is entirely syndicated and can be collected historically and for competitors. This means that we can collect and analyze data for any brand or product being advertised on any network.
Many other solutions require private client data, which takes longer to set up while providing no avenues for competitive insights. EDO’s data can also be collected historically so you don’t have to set up a special study before a TV campaign takes place.

How TV Ad Engagement Works

EDO measures consumer Search Engagement across major brands and products, capturing data granular enough to precisely attribute consumer engagement to specific TV ad airings.
Drawing on our vast set of historical ad airings (TV Ad Database) our data science team develops statistical techniques that unlock meaningful insights for ad buyers and sellers.
Our clients use these insights to measure performance of their creatives, TV media, TV campaigns, and their competitors’ efforts.
EDO experts work with clients to probe into complex questions to optimize and improve future campaigns by isolating the attributes of TV that are most effective at driving Search Engagement.

More Than Insights - Answers

EDO illuminates the intersection of advertising spend and consumer behavior to help clients answer critical questions that can shape their marketing strategies.

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