EDO TV Ad Database

Sharpen your TV marketing plan in real time with our comprehensive and highly accurate database of national ad airings.

Real-time views.
Competitive advantages.

TV ad buyers and sellers take advantage of EDO’s robust, real-time ad database to get more value from each advertising dollar and to gain a competitive edge.

Real-time viewing, robust reporting
Interact with ads and data in real time – and verify your media strategy on the spot – with our easy-to-use dashboard. Easily export your data, charts, and graphs into CSVs or presentations. Ingest our data through our API.
Direct comparisons, rich details
EDO lets you seamlessly compare your product’s campaign to a different campaign – from placements to estimated impressions to dollars spent. Easily explore and compare airing breakdowns by ad, network, time-of-day, and other key details.
See what the viewer sees
Our video player shows you footage of your airing and the commercials and programming surrounding it. See how your airing appeared to viewers (e.g. full frame vs. picture-in-picture), in full context.
Heads-up on new competitor creatives
Automated alerts tell you when competitive products have launched new campaigns or when new creatives begin running.

EDO Advantages

Real-time, accurate data that captures all national airings with automated creative detection
Real-time, accurate data that captures all national airings with no creative duplication.
EDO’s interactive dashboard lets you view data in the ways most useful for your goals.
EDO’s interactive dashboard lets you view data in the ways most useful for your goals. Make quick, at-a-glance comparisons between two marketing campaigns to measure how your strategies are succeeding relative to competitors’.
Keen to collaborate with clients to build customized features and data views.
Automated matching technology to minimize manual intervention, which means lower costs for clients.
TV Ad Database serves as the base of ad airings for our TV Ad Engagement platform, providing clients with a powerful, seamless solution.

How EDO TV Ad Database Works

We conduct automated and manual reviews to identify ad airings using video from the TV feeds that actually aired across the country.
Our proprietary matching technology fingerprints video content for automatic recognition of future airings.
Content is logged and tagged with metadata – schedules, impressions, spend estimates, brands, products, and other data points.
Clients use the data to gauge competitor spend, timing, and context for ad appearances; they also get advance notice of new creatives being launched.

Find the Data that Matters Most

Our high-quality ad logs enable TV ad buyers and sellers to delve into the details of national linear TV advertising going back for several years. You can quickly search through our indexed list of airings to explore:

Brand or product advertised
Pod order and ID
Air times accurate to the second
Estimated spend
Estimated impressions
TV schedule metadata, such as network, show, and episode
Creative ID
Ad features such as promos and picture-in-picture
Ad duration

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